Who Are Andrew & Marie?

After consistently bringing in close to 200+ personal recruits per year, into every company we promote, discover how we can help you create a lead magnet so powerful your prospects will be lining up to work with you!​

No matter what business you are currently involved with, we can help you generate leads and sales.​

We love this picture of the Eiffel Tower…

It was taken while we floated along the Seine in a Bateau Mouche one fall evening in Paris.

It was absolutely breathtaking; the city all lit up, the beautiful ornate bridges and from another boat you could hear Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald singing one of jazz music’s most popular songs “Tea For Two.”

And as their voices syncopated and danced I realized, "Life is about these moments."

So why do we love this picture so much?  Simple.  It's because it signifies how far we've come!

Our trip to Paris was a symbol of how hard we’d worked and how at 28 years old, we had risen to become the top producers in our direct sales company, we had to be known as “The Marketing Couple” in the direct sales industry and had become multiple 6 figure income earners and thereby making a lifelong dream come true – traveling to Paris, France.

But wait for a second… How exactly does this relate to you?

We discovered that we had a strong ability to teach and develop talent in others.  But we’ll get to that in a minute…

Mike Dillard MagneticSponsoring.com

Andrew Murray and his wife Marie Torres are a super talented young couple and are part of a select handful of networkers who truly have their pulse on the world of internet marketing.

If you are serious about learning how to effective market your business, generate leads, bring on distributor after distributor, make more money in this industry than you ever imagined, and to do it by leveraging the power of the internet...then Andrew and Marie are the 2 people you want to work with.

In my opinion, they are 2 of the smartest marketing minds out there today...

The Start of Something Magical...

It's been quite the ride to say the least! 

We started in the direct sales industry right out of university. 

We were young, excited about life and believed that we had absolutely no limitations to what we could create with our lives which included bringing in a 5-figure a month income hanging out and working from home together!

Many people, including our families, thought that we were young and naive — but luckily we had been exposed to the home business industry early and knew that there was another way than to work for 40+ years for somebody else. (Working for someone else sounds like a bad plan to us!)

Through several mentors who helped shape our vision of the world, we knew that entrepreneurship was the fastest way to creating wealth and we wanted the options in life that come with a large income and living life on your own terms.

Within a couple of years, we developed a marketing arsenel so powerful that our primary company started making major policy changes because our marketing skills were an “unfair advantage” for ourselves and our team.

In fact, we have built a grass-roots reputation as the “go-to” trainers for network marketers who want to use the internet to build their business and we quickly became hands-down the most popular trainers in our company.  

Our reputation quickly grew beyond the walls of that company and we have trained thousands of entrepreneurs since. 

In fact, here is some of our most recent events including Andrew speaking at the NO Excuses Summit in Las Vegas this past 2013 and 2014.

No Excuses Summit Las Vegas - The Cosmopolitan

NES5 Andrew Murray

​No Excuses Summit In Las Vegas - The Marriott

We have been offered “direct-to-the-company” positions in multiple companies, and get offered to be flown out to “meet the owners” of new startups… And all because the sharp managment minds in the industry know that as a dynamic young power couple, we have the ability to literally “break open” a new company.  So we know how this industry works… and we are working with the most dynamic compensation plan the industry has ever produced.

Why Not Me?

In fact, one of the books that got us on the road to wealth was the book, “Why Not Me?” It was written by a couple of brothers who by the age of 24 had already created a multiple 6 figure income.  It was their believe that "If someone else can do it, then why not me?"    

This idea of “Why not me?” became the premise that we decided to live our life by.

Now it wasn’t always easy; we had a long learning curve. It took us several years and a lot of trial and error to learn effective marketing and sales skills but we had persistence and the intestinal fortitude to make this dream a reality.

And looking at our life now (go ahead and check out some of the cool things we’ve been able to do in our “pictures” section) our hard work has paid off and in the process we’ve been able to help many people achieve their own dreams as we have now been able to assist them in cutting their learning curve to just a couple of months in most cases.

In fact, in an industry plagued by “sell-and-run” types, we’ve developed the exact opposite reputation - we stick it out with you.  We're here to HELP!  When we resigned from our previous company because of poor management, we realized how much of a positive effect we had our team. And it all comes down to trust earned over time.

Now we believe that everything you need to succeed in this business comes down to two things:

  • Marketing
  • Mindset
Home Business Connection Magazine

Feature story from the Home Business Connection Magazine

This is EXACTLY what we teach people about.  We even spoke about "Marketing and Mindset" in our feature in the "Home Business Magazine."

We Have A Proven Track Record For Creating 6 Figure Income Earners by imparting to our students the knowledge we have amassed throughout the years.

How would you like to enjoy the lifestyle and have the time freedom everyone dreams about? Because it can happen, and it can happen quickly.

Many of our associates are earning a multiple-six figure income in their first year in this business working one-on-one with us. In fact, our next six-figure earner could be you!Right now is goldrush time on the internet. More and more people just like you discover that they can have both a six-figure income AND the time to enjoy your lifestyle.

But the gravy train won’t last forever…In any business cycle, the people who understand how to capitalize on the new changes in the industry will get the most recognition, but also make the most money. There are more millionaires being created because of this enormous opportunity online…And we want to help you become one of them. And the game has already started.T

There are people who dream about making a change, and there are people who are action-oriented and ready to make that change now. We can only work with people who are ready to take the action steps we guide you through.We have a proven track record for creating six-figure income earners.

Look, the facts are there are lots of people online who can take your money….…but there are very few who can DEVELOP LEADERS. And that’s what we do – We develop leaders!

What Nobody Else Will Tell You...

I’m going to share with you a huge industry secret. In the home business industry…. there are 2 major skills: the ability to make money for oneself and the ability to develop leaders and transfer that ability to make money to them.

If you are determined to earn a multple six-figure income in less than 12 months, you absolutely need to not get sucked in by empty promises and flashy-hype. You need to work with somebody who can develop you into a top leader in this industry. Somebody who can take the time to mold you into a 6 figure earner.

Now I’m going to drop another bombshell.

There no magic pill in this business. It’s not necessarily easy.Watch out for people and other companies that want to offer you that magic bullet — It just plain doesn’t work that way.

And watch out for people who are full of promises but can’t deliver in terms of proven results both for themselves and for long-term memebers of their team.  And if the person you are working with is lying to you before you join, don’t expect them to be straight with you after you join either.

Very few top income earners have a throughly-tested system for creating results for their distributors. It’s one of the things that really sets us apart from the competition.

Check out what some of our colleagues and clients have had to say…

Small Business Owner Michael Mansell

Mitch Mcargar

Hesler Roque

I have worked with Andrew Murray for a long time and have found him to be an excellent mentor. He is kind, and caring and will spare no effort on behalf of the people he serves. He will walk that extra mile to help someone.

Dr. Peter Cohen

I appreciate your follow up and valuable information. I’m grateful you are my mentor.  I will pass on your guidance and wisdom to those who sign up under me.  Thanks for all you do. Thanks Andrew.  I feel lucky to have you as my mentor.

Your Friend,

Tom Kellogg

“You can’t fail…Andrew and Marie help you every step of the way and have bent over backwards for me…

Joetta Kemper

“Outstanding Sales Performance” Award Winners

Here we are during a bootcamp session (below) teaching a great group of entrepreneurs internet marketing tactics.  Each person at this event paid $10K to be there for 3 days to learn how to effectively create a LEAD MAGNET and to learn how to drive profitable, targeted traffic to their funnel.

Not only do we have a strong and specialized background in online and offline marketing and lead generation (this knowledge is essential in finding the places to fish for qualified prospects) but the other key, is our sincerity and genuine interest in your success.

In fact, we have won the company wide “Outstanding Sales Performance” Award 2 years in a row because we understand marketing.

We are constantly improving our knowledge which helps us and ultimately you.  We have won “Promoter of the Year” awards, “Peak Performance” awards and much more!

In fact, we were consistently in the top 1 or 2 in sales at every award ceremony in our previous company and were the #1 enrollers in a company with over $180K reps.

To give you an idea, we have consistently brought over 200+ personal enrollees per year in each company we have worked for.   Yes, we know that by helping you, our team grows and so does everyone’s income. The proof is in the income we generate each and every month. 

By providing you with the specific tools and specialized training needed to succeed, you will be able to reach your income goals with solid marketing, generating leads who phone you for more information. 

If you are serious, motivated and have an interest in changing your life, I know that we can help you. 

We are real people and we truly understands the concept that if we help you we create a win-win situation for all of us. 

We will also teach you how to:

  • How to marketing yourself so effectively that you will have leads beating down your door...
  • How to train your team so they become leveraged money making machines for you....

The more value you provide people, the more rewarded you will become - we are living proof of that.

 Look it's all about trusting your source.

It's important that you choose someone to learn from that you find easy to understand, approachable and who has the knowledge to take you from where you are NOW to where you want to BE. 

You need to learn from marketers who not only know how to succeed, but also know how to teach. And if you’re really serious about earning money now AND earning a passive residual income stream… pick up our free trainings now!


Questions?  Call us: 813-343-4115.

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