Hawaii – Kauai

Rich in history, heritage, and scenic splendor, Kauai is considered by many to be the gem of all the Hawaiian islands. Soaring emerald mountains, towering waterfalls, secret valleys, beautiful beaches, spectacular Waimea Canyon, lush tropical plants and flowers everywhere you look!  This was one of our absolute favourite vacations!  In fact, we WANT TO MOVE THERE it was so incredible!!

One of the many beaches we visited when we were in Kauai. 
Look at those beautiful mountains!
Most of the island of Kauai is unreachable by foot so the only way to see it is by helicopter.  We took a helicopter tour one days with our family.  Below are some of the gorgeous photos we took that day…
Here we are getting ready for the ride!  None of us had ever been in a helicopter before so this was a treat!
Marie in the helicopter with her Bose headphones on.
View from the helicopter…Beautiful!

Isn't this fabulous?
More waterfalls…
This is my absolute favourite photo we took from the helicopter…just look at the stunning colors!
Another gorgeous view.  The 45 minute helicopter ride was definitely worth it. 
Here is the beachfront at our resort – The Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy.
Our living room. Andrew reading the paper right before a night swim. 
Our beautiful bedroom right on the water.  Waking up to the smell of the Pacific Ocean was amazing.
Marie underneath the waterfall!
The pool at night…
You can't go to Hawaii without going to a Luau.    Here is the roast pig at ours!
We were entertained by firedancers.
Here are 3 firedancers once the sun went down.  The show was spectacular!
Andrew at the Luau.
The next day we went to the famed Coco Palms resort – does it look familiar? It's where Elvis Presley filmed the movie “Blue Hawaii” with the famous raft scene.
There was red dirt everywhere in Kauai and they made shirts out of the dirt.  Here we are at the Red Dirt shop – we eventually picked out some red dirt shirts for us and some friends and family to take home.
When we were in Kauai we visited an authentic Hawaiian village.  Here is Andrew underneath a coconut tree.
Look at this…then look below…
Pretty cool!!!
Another beautiful view!
Andrew going to dinner!
Another beautiful beach in Kauai…a scene we love to remember…

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