When we started in this industry one of my ultimate goals was to be able to take Marie to Paris, France.

Marie attended a French private school when she was growing up so she has carried the love of France with her for as long as she can remember.

So after working hard to build our business I was finally able to present Marie with 2 roundtrip plane tickets to Paris for a beautiful fall vacation.

Below are the pictures we took in Paris, France.

L'Arc De Triomphe

Here we are at L'Arc De Triomphe.

It was so amazing to see this monument in person because it is one of the things that you identify with France. The walk that we took from here along the Champs Elysees was awesome. We passed by all these Parisian cafes and the high end boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Cartier and so many more!

For the 10 days that we were there we literally walked the entire day and were both so exhausted at the end that we just fell right to sleep.

Here is a list of eveything we walked and saw while we were there:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Arc De Triomphe
  • Montmatre Cemetery
  • Sacre Coeur
  • Notre Dame
  • Walking tour of the Ile de Cite and Ile St.Louis
  • Musee D'orsay
  • Musee Du Louvre
  • Walked the Champs Elysees
  • Record Stores
  • Champ De Mars
  • Place De Concorde
  • Musee De Maillot
  • Walking in St Germaine Des Pres
  • Les Halles
  • walking tour of Montmatre
  • Boat tour on the Seine at night
  • Bus tour of Paris at night
  • Recommended Japanese restaurant (Higuma)
  • Several cafes
  • Peace Monument
  • Ecole Militaire

Here is Andrew in front of Notre Dame. It is so beautiful in there I can hardly find the words. Below is a picture of one of the stained glass windows in the cathedral.







Here is a picture of the Moulin Rouge. Our studio apartment was just behind this historic building and we loved taking walks at night and seeing it all lit up!

Below is our favorite drink, the “chocolat!” We drank this ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

Here we are sitting at the 2 Moulins Cafe in Montmatre. strong>

This cafe was just up the street from our apartment and is famous for being in the French foreign film “Amelie” that came out a few years ago.






Here are some pictures – I hope you enjoy them – we had a great time talking them!




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